Home Seller's Guide

Selling your home in College Station, TX., or Bryan, TX., involves more than placing a "For Sale" sign in your front yard. Being realistic about the asking price, showing your home as often as possible, and paying attention to the inside and exterior of your home are just a few things to consider when selling your home. Potential buyers not only walk through your home and look in each room and every nook and cranny, they open closet doors, kitchen cabinets and drawers, and bathroom cabinets to see if your home will fit their needs.

To a potential buyer, your "home" is still just a "house." Maybe your home is exactly what they are looking for but they can't see it because there are obstacles in the way. We recommend that you follow steps 1, 2, and 3 to help move your house off the market as quickly as possible.

Step 1 - General Suggestions for Success

Be realistic about your asking price.

Your home will sell more quickly if it is reasonably priced. Overpriced homes can scare away potential buyers and you may find your home sitting on the market much longer than you anticipated. Buyers search the internet and compare prices of homes for sale in neighborhoods, so a home on a neighboring street may sell quicker than your home if it is overpriced.

There is a buyer for every home in every neighborhood.

Share with your agent what you like about your neighborhood, and your agent can use the information as a selling point. Are the schools great, do you have wonderful neighbors, are yards in the area well maintained? These are all positive reasons why a potential homeowner might want to purchase your home.

Potential buyers often come to town and want to see as many homes as possible.

When your real estate agent calls to set up a showing time, it may not be the most convenient time for you, but the more flexible you are, the more your home can be shown. You might pass up a perfect buyer if you pass up a showing.

Step 2 - Pay Attention to the Interior of Your Home

Declutter every room.

You may have occupied your home for many years and have fantastic collections on every table or bookshelf. Potential home buyers need to be able to see your home and imagine what it might look like if they purchased it. An overcrowded home may look smaller, and removing unnecessary items is a quick fix for making it look larger and more roomy.

photo of image that shows cluttered room
photo of cluttered shelves that should be decluttered before selling a home

Remove pet crates, beds, and toys.

Your pet may be a family member, but not every buyer is an animal lover. Does your home have a strong pet smell? If so, interested buyers may turn around and walk out the door before they take a good look at your home.

arrow that points to dog sleeping in a pet bed
dog sleeping in a bed that should be removed before selling a home

Clean the closets.

Along the line of decluttering, take a look in your closets. Remove as many items as possible, stack shoes neatly, and clean the shelves. Make the closets, however small they might be, look as roomy as possible.

arrowing pointing to clothes hanging in a closet
clothes are hanging neatly in a closet before selling a home

Update the home's interior.

Find inexpensive ways to update the interior of your home and make it stand out. Many buyers are looking for homes that are move-in ready, and out-of-date wallpaper and unusual wall colors can instantly turn off a buyer.

arrow pointing to image of home that is move-in ready
room that is move-in ready for home buyer

Step 3 - Don't Overlook the Exterior of Your Home

Look at your home's curb appeal.

First impressions are important and you want potential buyers to fall in love with your home as soon as they pull up to the curb. Make sure the front door and porch are clean, dead plants are removed, and litter is cleared. You may want to consider repainting the front door - a new splash of paint can make your entry look brand new.

arrow pointing to home with curb appeal
two story home with shrubery and mowed lawn with beautiful curb appeal

Make sure the yard and flowerbeds are immaculate at all times.

Keep the grass mowed, the flowerbeds free of weeds, and the bushes trimmed. This is important for that "first impression" rule. Nothing will turn off a buyer quicker than a yard that is not well groomed. This sends a message to a buyer that the home was not maintained.

arrow pointing to photo of flowers and mowed yard
mowed yard and flowerbeds that have been weeded to give good first impression

Don't forget the garage.

A garage often turns into a storage area over time, stacked and cluttered with storage boxes, plastic containers filled with odds and ends, paint buckets, bicycles, furniture, and junk. Clean it out and store items that you want to keep.

arrow pointing to photo of cluttered garage
cluttered garage that needs to be cleaned before showing home for sale
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